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Mom-friendly car features
Mothers have enough stress on their hands already without having to worry about feeling scared and uncomfortable behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are many features for vehicles that can make the trip safer and more enjoyable for the whole family. Here are some great Mom-friendly car features.
One feature that is a favourite among mothers, especially new ones, are the child safety locks that are built into the rear doors of their vehicle. Moms will feel that their kids are a lot safer if they know they are incapable of opening the door whenever they feel like it.
Cupholders, headrest monitors, storage areas and a good system all make both children and mothers happy. With the kids entertained in the backseat, moms can pay more attention to the road ahead, and reduce the risk of getting into a collision.
Since mothers spend time getting groceries, running errands and picking up their kids from school they can sometimes find that their vehicle isn’t appropriate for what they’re doing. However, with foldable third- row seats, mothers will have room for extra space for food or household appliances, or more kids if their children bring their friends with them.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger