What is Traction Control?

What is Traction Control?
A relatively new safety feature in vehicles today is traction control. Traction controls help to prevent one tire from spinning faster than the rest, which prevents you from losing control as a result. Read ahead to learn the advantages and disadvantages of traction control.
Traction control is great for drivers who have to endure long winters. Snow and ice make the roads much harder to dangerous to drive in. Fortunately, traction control can give better grip and allow you to stay safer in the cold months.
Another gain from traction control are the insurance savings you will receive from having it. Insurance companies will recognize that your vehicle is safer and you have a lower chance risk of getting into an accident and give you a lower rate because of it.
However, traction control is an expensive purchase and maintaining it can be pricey. Traction control is also not ideal for uneven terrain so you should invest in four-wheel drive instead if you drive off-road often.
Overall, your safety should be your number one concern when you drive so if you think it can improve your vehicle’s safety you should strongly consider adding traction control to your car.
Patrick Britton