Trade-in Tips

Trade-In Tips
Occasionally, car owners are unimpressed with the offer they get when try and trade in their vehicle. However, this usually happens because they’re either overestimating the value of their car and/or not following simple maintenance procedures to have it looking newer.
If you are looking what similar vehicles are selling for online, then you are overestimating your vehicle. The dealer will give you an offer that is lower than market value, simply because they are saving you time and removing other fees that you would have incurred if you sold your car privately.
It is tough to get good value for your vehicle if it doesn’t look visually appealing. Wash your car, have it waxed, clean and vacuum the interior, and freshen up its scent before bringing it in to trade. This will save the dealer from having to do it themselves and also make them more willing to offer you more for your car if it looks new.
Finally, if you have consistently maintained your vehicle over its lifetime, then make sure you have all your records to prove it. This will show the dealer that it is in good condition and worth more as a result.