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Under Inflated Tires

Recent studies have shown that approximately half the vehicles on the road are driving with one or more under inflated tires. This problem exists because few people actually realize when their tires have lost pressure. Since they lose air very slowly through the rubber and where the wheel and valve merge, it’s hard to detect any real difference in the pressure of your tires.

The problem with under inflated is that it makes it harder for the driver to handle the vehicle because the sidewall flexes more at lower pressure. As a result, your control is compromised. Even a small pressure loss can make effect how safe you are behind the wheel.

Another issue with under inflated tires is that they cost you more money on gas. If you’re an individual who drives long distances regularly, you should have your tires checked often to ensure you’re not spending a fortune at the gas pump.

Considering tire pressure can drop with seasonal changes, it’s a good idea to get them checked approximately every three months. Not only will you save money on gas, but you will be safer and have more control when you’re driving.