Do you understand Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles?

Understand Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles Photo Diagram

Sample set up for a Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicle

For individuals interested in creating a small carbon footprint when they drive, hydrogen hybrid cars might just be the perfect vehicle for them.
There are two ways that hydrogen cars can run. In one way, gasoline is replaced with hydrogen as the fuel in the vehicle. The other way is through hydrogen fuel cells where a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen creates electricity that can power a motor.
The main reason someone would purchase a hydrogen hybrid car is because it produces zero carbon based emissions. The only thing released into the air is heat and water. In addition, hydrogen is safer than fossil fuels and will reduce the amount of spillage and fuel fires that occur.
Some of the disadvantages of hydrogen hybrid vehicles is that they are very expensive. A converted hydrogen engine can cost around $40,000, making it an unaffordable option to many people. Also, you may have a difficult time finding a place to refuel your vehicle. Hydrogen filling stations are not very common, especially if you live in a rural area.
Although it has its cons, hydrogen hybrid cars are still safe vehicles and very good for the environment, so if these things are important to you, you should strongly consider purchasing one.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger