Understanding Car Ergonomics

Car Ergonomics
Engineers spend countless hours and dollars trying to figure out how to make vehicles more comfortable for consumers. If you’re a person who drives for long stretches at a time, it’s important that you take advantage of the car’s ergonomic setup so you won’t suffer any strains or other health problems.
Although the best way to avoid strains when you’re driving is to just get out of the vehicle and take a break, sometimes the driver doesn’t always have the luxury of doing that, especially on the highway. Therefore, it’s important that you’re in a comfortable position before you start your engine.
Studies have shown there is an ideal ergonomic starting position for drivers to ensure maximum comfort. First, your seat should be pushed far back as sitting too close can cause leg or back pain. Your steering wheel should be high and close with you with while the seat and back cushion should be as low as possible. Finally, you should tilt your seat’s backrest about 30 degrees for maximum comfort.
After you’ve established a starting position, you should raise your seat and move it forward to adjust for your size and height. Also move the backrest up until it’s comfortable and you can see everything ahead. Lastly, you should adjust the headrest to ensure you have adequate neck support.
Making sure you are comfortable in your vehicle is an easy thing to do, but if you ignore car ergonomics, you could create problems for yourself overtime.