Understanding Subaru All-Wheel Drive

Understanding Subaru All-Wheel Drive
Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive from Subaru.
You need balance and even distribution of power for maximum traction, instead of the slip-then-grip alternatives offered by our competition. Subaru symmetrical AWD provides better stability, efficiency and a quicker response to slippery conditions.
All-Wheel Drive Uphill Comparison Testing
This test compares Subaru’s all-wheel drive to the AWD systems of Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and Nissan. Proof is in the pudding.
Showing How Effective Subaru’s AWD System is
Live demonstration of Subaru Forester and Outback’s 4×4 symmetrical all wheel drive system.

An independently certified study comparing Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD and Vehicle Dynamics Cotrol (traction and stability control) to its competition).