Understanding Traction Control

What is traction control?
When people think of the most important safety devices in their car they typically think of things like seatbelts and airbags. However, traction control is one of the most essential safety devices in your vehicle and is a big factor in keeping you safe behind the wheel. While most safety and regulatory devices help you to stay safe in an accident, traction control tries to make sure you don’t get in one.
Although your tires do a terrific job of gripping the road, sometimes they can slip, especially in poor weather conditions. Traction control works to prevent your wheels from skidding or locking up when you’re accelerating.
Traction controls works by sending electric signals to a control unit that can tell if your tires are slipping. It constantly monitors your driving, so traction control can react right away if you start to lose grip, which is why it is so effective in poor weather conditions. Traction control is most effective when you’re accelerating from a stop, as it prevents your wheels from spinning.
While many people are unaware of how beneficial traction control is, it makes driving in poor conditions much safer and is one of the biggest factors in keeping you secure behind the wheel.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger
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