Unexpected Coverage

Unexpected Coverage

We understand that life is full of the unexpected. A blown tire, a stolen vehicle, an accident or loss of employment. That’s why NewRoads has you covered with protection for your ride that you won’t get from most other dealers.

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Walkaway 1 Year Vehicle Return Policy

Years ago, a client purchased a second vehicle from owner Michael Croxon. Within a few months, she came back to to the dealership. Her husband had been in an accident and they were no longer able to meet their vehicle’s financial obligations. Michael told her to just bring it back and he would take care of it, realizing at the same time that this situation could happen quite easily to anyone.

As a result, Michael co-founded Walkaway. It provides coverage to walk away from your car debt without penalty and without damaging your credit rating. It’s free for your first year and allows you to return your vehicle with no strings attached in cases where you get seriously sick or injured, become unemployed, or experience another life-changing event.

3 Year Protection For Tires and Rims

Hit a nasty pothole that blows a tire and bends a wheel? We’ll replace the tires or rims on your new car or truck if they’re defective or damaged within the first 3 years.

3 Year Anti-Theft Protection

Did you know that a car is stolen in Canada every 7 minutes? That’s why we etch special codes on all the window glass in your new vehicle. These codes use trackable information which provides you with powerful, nearly invisible protection. And it’s free for 3 years.