Update: Dream Halloween Post

Kia of Newmarket regrets identifying Chris Emanual as a “local hero” and had no knowledge of his impaired driving charge at the time it was done. Our dealership is part of the NewRoads Automotive Group and we are heavily involved in our community. We highlight employees and community members who “give back” to local charities and organizations. Last fall we blogged about an event that supports several local charities called Dream Halloween. Chris Emanual as well as several others are also involved with this event to be held this fall.  His name and the others were included in the blog written about the event. He is one of several fundraisers.  His name has since been removed and we apologize for any harm we may have caused.  We are absolutely against drinking and driving and our commitment to MADD is something we take seriously.
David Britton, General Manager
Kia of Newmarket