Valentine’s Day Hotspots in the GTA

Valentine's Day Hotspots in GTA

Valentine’s Day Hotspots around the GTA

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, but no need to panic – we’ve got your back with some Valentine’s Day hot spot ideas around the GTA.  If dinner and a movie isn’t really going to cut it, there are still plenty of fun and exciting options available within reasonable driving distance.
Board Game Café                   
If you’re looking for something fun and casual to do with your partner, considering hitting up one of the new board game cafes that are constantly popping up downtown.  You don’t even need to be a big board game devotee to play – many locations have designated ‘experts’ to help to walk you through your first go-round.
Just try not to be too competitive or you may spoil your night.
The weather hasn’t been particularly cold this winter, but there are still plenty of public rinks around the city.  If you don’t have skates, that’s fine – several of the rinks downtown give you the option of renting a pair.
Take a Tour
Whether you and your partner are into art galleries, museums or would just like to check out a local brewery, there are plenty of cool tours available in the GTA.  Best of all, most tours are either free or have a low entry fee, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.
You’ll have to get out of the downtown core for this one, but there are plenty of trails surrounding the city with Scarborough and High Park possessing some of the best.  Remember to dress in layers, and grab a good set of boots if you don’t already own a pair.
Axe Throwing
It may sound odd, but axe throwing is not only a fun experience, but a great way to relieve stress.  And don’t worry, there are coaches there to help you out.
You may need a little courage before doing this one, but singing along with your partner can turn into a great bonding experience.  Many places give you the option of renting your own private booth, so you won’t have to worry about getting judged by your surrounding peers.
Located right next to the Rogers Centre, the Ripley’s Aquarium has been one of the hottest destinations for tourists over the last couple years.  If you and your significant other haven’t already checked it out, spend a couple hours this weekend to see some of the coolest sea life in North America.
Live Performance
Check out some local talent at some of the trendiest downtown bars. Whether you and your partner are into jazz, blues, rock or classical, there’s something for everyone available in the GTA.  The artists may not be household names, but there’s still a good chance that you’ll see a great performance.
Grab a canvas and some brushes and get to work. Sign up for a workshop (they typically run 1-2 hours) to get some expert advice that will help turn you and your significant other into modern-day Picassos!