What to Do When Your Vehicle Gets Recalled

Car Recalls - what to do?
Having your vehicle recalled can be a stressful time for a car owner. However, it can be a lot less nerve-wracking if you know how to handle the situation. Read ahead to learn what a vehicle recall entails, and how to go about fixing the problem.
How Does a Vehicle Get Recalled?
A car recall occurs when a vehicle is deemed to have some sort of defect needing repair/update. Either the manufacturer of the vehicle or Transport Canada can issue a recall, and will alert the owners of the vehicle via email or letter.
While the manufacturer can issue a recall on its own, Transport Canada typically waits until they get a series of complaints from consumers. The more complaints issued, the more likely that they will investigate the issue. If there is actually a problem, Transport Canada will step in to issue a recall if the manufacturer hasn’t already done so.
What Are Some of the Common Defects?
There are a wide range of possibilities here, but some of the more common defects include; problems with airbags deploying, wiring issues, broken accelerators and dangerous leaks. No matter the problem, you should take your car in to get it fixed as quickly as possible.
Should You Continue To Drive Your Vehicle?
The answer to this really depends on the type of recall. If it involves a key operating component such as the brakes or steering, you are putting yourself at a greater risk by driving compared to a minor defect. However, your vehicle should be in good enough shape to take it in to a dealership, unless the automaker specifies otherwise.
How Should You Go About Getting Your Car Fixed?
Panic often kicks in immediately after finding out that your vehicle has been recalled. It’s important to relax and to wait for the recall letter, as this will provide greater detail on what to do. Typically, the letter will tell you what is wrong with the car, as well as where and when you can bring in your vehicle.
Once you have everything figured out, you can schedule an appointment with your dealership to get your car repaired.
How Long Will It Take to Get Your Vehicle Repaired?
This obviously depends on the severity of the defect. You may be out without a vehicle for a brief period, so try and carpool with someone, take alternative transportation, or rent a car during this time.
The good news is, the repair should be free of cost. It isn’t really fair to charge a customer who did nothing wrong, which is why the manufacturer is willing to financially reimburse the affected owners.
You Can Help!
Remember that you can be responsible for issuing a vehicle recall. While the majority of recalls are issued by the manufacturer, Transport Canada does step in on occasion. If you have any concerns with your vehicle, call or visit their website to lodge a complaint.