Avoiding Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle Rollover
One of the most dangerous things that can occur on the road is vehicle rollover. Although they are rare, they usually result in fatalities. However, there are ways to reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle rollovers.
Newer vehicles do a much better job of not rolling over and keeping you alive compared to older models. Many new vehicles have better safety systems, which helps to prevent the serious of the accident.
Failure to wear a seatbelt is the biggest reason why there are so many deaths in rollover crashes. The chances of dying greatly increase if you’re ejected from the vehicle so always remember to strap up, no matter how short the trip is.
Rollovers usually occur when the vehicle is moving well over the speed limit so remember to slow down so you have enough time to react to anything in front of you.
Tires that are underinflated or worn can be very dangerous. Make sure to check your tires about once every month to ensure they are safe to drive with.
Finally, rollovers are much more common on back roads and in rural areas. Avoid driving on uneven terrain whenever possible.
Patrick Britton