How to Wash Your Car in the Winter

How to wash your car in the winter
There are many benefits to washing your vehicle; it keeps the car looking new, improves its resale value and keeps you safer by having a cleaner windshield, mirrors and windows. However, washing your vehicle in the winter can be tricky, so read ahead for some tips on how to wash your vehicle in the winter.
The best time to wash your vehicle is when it’s sunny out. The exterior of your car will be warmer and will help to prevent the product(s) you use from freezing onto the paint. You should also wash it around noon, since that will be the warmest part of the day.
If you wash your vehicle without water, you should wash your vehicle in a sheltered area. Even if you’re not outside in the cold, the product you use can still freeze. It may be best to go somewhere like a parking garage.
Since you won’t be able to clean your car as often as your would in the summer, make sure to wax your vehicle after its been washed. This will keep in cleaner for a longer time and will also protect you from the elements.