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Car Cleaning Tips
We have 2 seasons here in Canada…. dirty car and clean car.
Car Cleaning Tips:  I don’t know about you but I love driving a clean car. Fall, Winter and the messy part of Spring wreak havoc on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. We have to do battle against snow, mud, salt, sand, rain, ice and whatever else Mother Nature and our road crews can throw at us.
Do you have the time or the tools to properly clean your vehicle? Do you know what the cleaning supplies you use are actually doing to your car? Are the supplies you use good or bad for the environment? Can you open the hood and just start spraying water all over the place or are there electrical components that should remain dry?
A simple car wash raises a lot of important questions.
For your big summer clean up, why not use a professional? You service your car with the pros and a proper vehicle detailing should be done by a professional also.
Close your eyes for a second and imagine stepping into your freshly shampooed, deodorized and disinfected interior. It will make the next commute a joy and your car will thank you.