Washing Your Car

Washing Your Car
With the nice weather outside, now is the perfect time to wash your vehicle. If you haven’t washed it since last year, chances are it is pretty dirty from all the debris and dirt. Below are some tips on how to properly wash your vehicle.
The first thing is to make sure you are using the correct supplies when you wash. Make sure never to use household products such as soap or window cleaner as this can ruin the exterior of the vehicle. Instead, you should use a designated car wash product as this is the only thing that will ensure the wax and paint of your vehicle do not get damaged.
If possible, do not wash your car when the sun is out and it’s hot. This speeds up the drying process and can leave spots on the paint. If there is a shady spot on your driveway, move your vehicle there.
After you’ve washed your vehicle, you’ll need to dry it right away. Letting your car air dry can leave blotches which is why you’ll need to clean it with a towel. Make sure you use a towel as other products may cause scratches.
Patrick Britton