Ways to Increase Horsepower

Ways to Increase Horsepower
Many car drivers are always looking for ways to increase horsepower. While some of these methods might be pretty pricey, here are a few cheap ways you can increase the horsepower of your vehicle.
There are a few things you can do with your tires to help increase horsepower. One way is to straighten them more to get more straight-line speed. Another thing you can do is get smaller tires so you can accelerate more quickly.
Straightening out the catalyst from the back of the car to the exhaust tubing is another way of increasing horsepower. This a more efficient method of producing fuel and will help to increase the amount of air in fuel that’s floating around. Since it make the gases come out easier there is an increase of mixing between air and fuel and your vehicle is able to generate more power.
A cold air intake will give your car added horsepower. This is because cold air is denser than warm air so you can have more air floating in the cylinders. Since there is more air to mix with the fuel, more combustion occurs which will help to increase the power of your vehicle.
Patrick Britton