Ways to keep the Kids Entertained on your Road Trip

Ways to keep the Kids Entertained on your Road Trip
If you’re planning on going on a family vacation this summer, chances are one of the things you’re least looking forward to is the time spent in your vehicle. Young kids are easily irritable during long rides, making everyone else in the car annoyed and frustrated. Fortunately, by following some of the tips below, you can help to make the ride more enjoyable for everyone aboard.
Within reason you should give your children some say in where you should stop and for how long. This will keep them more interested in where you’re going and won’t keep them wondering how much longer they have to sit there in your vehicle.
It goes without saying that you should bring enough snacks and games to keep them entertained and less cranky. If they are distracted and fed, they won’t be constantly whining and complaining.
Point out interesting landmarks to your children as you go. They will be more engaged and won’t be as annoyed that they are cooped up in a car. If the landmark looks interesting enough, stop and check it out. This will give your children a break to relax and have fun.
Patrick Britton