Ways to Reduce Emissions | Car Tips

Ways to Reduce Emissions
If you commute to work every day by driving, you are probably producing a significant amount of carbon dioxide with every trip. Read ahead to learn how to cut down on emissions and reduce greenhouse gases.
One of the easiest ways to reduce emissions is to turn right whenever possible. Since turning right is the quickest and easiest turn, you don’t have to wait idle looking to move forward.
Slowing down is another way to reduce greenhouse gases. There are stats out there that say you can reduce emissions by 20 percent just by driving the speed limit.
If you’re stopping to wait for a friend or idling in any way, you can reduce your emissions significantly just by turning your engine off. Instead of waiting there idling, turn your engine off altogether and help reduce the greenhouse gases you emit.
Finally, parallel parking can actually help you to reduce emissions. Instead of driving around looking for a parking space, you can parallel park and significantly reduce the amount of time you wait trying to park your vehicle.
Patrick Britton