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What are Brake Rotors?


Your brake rotors are paramount to your safety when driving. However, many people are not aware of when their rotors should be replaced or how to diagnose if there is a problem with them. Read ahead to learn more about brake rotors and some of the signs that may indicate that they need to be changed.


If you have anti-lock brakes with your vehicle, you will actually get a warning sign when the rotor is starting to wear down. If you ignore this warning for too long, you can actually damage the sensors for the ABS which means that the whole system will need to be replaced.


However, if you don’t have ABS there are still some signs that your brake rotors are worn out. The easiest way is by listening to your brakes. If you hear squeaking or squealing chances are the rotors need to be replaced.


Another indicator could be if you feel vibrating when you brake. Any kind of wobbling or grinding sound could mean that they rotor is not making good contact with the brake pad because it is worn down. You should definitely get your brakes checked out if you’re experiencing this problem.


Patrick Britton