What to do if Your Car is Out of Control

What to do if Your Car is Out of Control
With some of the new technology available today, driving has never been safer. Collision detection, airbags and anti-lock brakes are all devices that make your vehicle much safer. However, your vehicle can still get out of control from time to time so it’s important to know what to do if you’re in that situation.
If you find yourself unable to brake it’s important not to panic. Look below to make sure there is nothing blocking you from braking. If there’s nothing there, drop down to the next lowest gear or try using the engine to brake. If it’s the difference between rear-ending someone or not, drop down more than one gear in a single downshift.
Skidding is still pretty common, especially in cold climates. If you happen to find yourself skidding, always remember to slow down and drive in the direction of the skid. If you are skidding right, turn your wheel right to get out of it. Vice versa if you’re going left.
If your vehicle suddenly accelerates without any extra pressure added, make sure the accelerator pedal isn’t stuck. If it isn’t, but the vehicle in neutral and apply constant pressure to the brakes.
Patrick Britton