What a Car Detail Entails

Car Detailing
If you’re looking to improve the look of your car to help improve its condition or resale value, then you should consider getting a car detail done. If you’re curious to know what goes into a car detail, read ahead to learn what the professionals do to have it looking brand new.
Most detailers will go through three separate steps to clean the paint on your vehicle. First, they need to wash and dry it. Next, they will clay bar the vehicle to get rid of any dirt that wasn’t removed in the wash. Finally, they will polish the paint to remove scratches and to protect it in the future.
The interior detailing should include cleaning the floor and seats of the vehicle which is typically done by using a steam cleaner. Most detailers will also clean the inside of the trunk for you as well.
Finally, the detailers will also make sure to clean all other exterior parts of your car. This means cleaning the exterior trim, polishing the headlights and taillights and washing the wheels and tires. Not only will this give your vehicle a new look but it will also prevent erosion, rusting and cracking.