What is CarProof and why do I need it?

Carproof History Reports
All CarProof reports contain 8 sections (report summary, report findings in chronological order, accident collision and damage details, lien status, Canadian registration and branding, stolen vehicle check, important records and other records)
The report summary offers a quick overview of the history most buyers are concerned about when buying a used car such as information regarding accidents, current debts registered against the car, information regarding what provinces the car has been registered in as well as if the car has ever been registered in the United States.
The second section is report findings in chronological order this offers the list of details that CarProof has on the car. This includes registrations, emission test results, accidents and any other information relevant to the vehicle. Also included in this section will be the dates of the events and the odometer reading that was recorded at the time of the event. If any of the events in this section offers more in-depth details then the brief overview you can click on the event to open a sub screen showing the information.
The third section is accident, collision and damage detail offers 4 sub-sections(police reported accidents, accident/damage estimates, insurance claims and other damage records) this sections shows if the car has been in an accident, has had any work or an estimate from a body shop or has had any insurance claims.
The lien status section of the CarProof provides information on current debts on the vehicle. This is very important as the debt follow the vehicle and not the owner, if a lien is registered against the vehicle the company or individual that holds the lien has the legal right to the car until the debt is paid.
The fifth section of the report is Canadian registration and branding shows what provinces the vehicle has been used in as well as the type of use. This area will tell you if the car has been a rental, used by the police, as a taxi or any other special uses other than a personal vehicle.
The stolen vehicle check section of the CarProof simply shows if the vehicle is currently reported to the police as stolen.
The seventh section is the import record and will give you any information regarding the import and export records between the United States and Canada.
The final part of a CarProof is other records and will show any information that can be provided that is not categorized above such as know defects with the car.
NewRoads provides a CarProof report at no cost to you on all used vehicles and is just another way to assure your safety and security on your search to find new roads.