What is Fit and Finish?

What does Fit and Finish mean
When most customers look at a vehicle, they are mostly interested in things such as the fuel economy, the price and how powerful the engine is. Although customers might not be consciously aware of it, the fit and finish is another thing that is a big factor in the purchase of a vehicle.
The fit and finish refers to how well the parts of the vehicle go together. Things such as whether the doors close tightly, the paint job is smooth or whether the upholstery fits firmly on the seat is actually very important. While good fit and finish is often ignored, poor fit and finish can become very obvious and dramatically hurt a company’s sales.
Companies now hire quality control departments to ensure the products meet up to proper standards. They use special machines to check the dimensions of different parts of the vehicle as they move down the production line.
While fit and finish mostly refers to the overall quality of the vehicle, it also has its practical implications. For example, if rain can get into your vehicle it can damage the upholstery or ruin the aerodynamic profile of your car. Overall fit and finish is very important to the quality of your vehicle, whether you are aware of it or not.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger