What is OnStar?

What is OnStar?
What is OnStar?  Now in more than 50 GM Models, OnStar has helped millions of individuals across the world make their driving experience much safer. With hands-free calling, roadside assistance, Automatic Crash Response and much more, OnStar is highly recommended and will make your driving experience much more comfortable.
One of the great things about OnStar is its simple to use and doesn’t require a long time at all to get used. The module consists of three buttons that all perform various functions.
The middle, BLUE button turns OnStar on and allows you to speak to a live OnStar advisor.
The BLACK button on the left makes driving safer and more convenient by allowing you to make hands-free calls.
Lastly the EMERGENCY button on the right will permit you to request medical help, report an accident, or get priority connection to trained emergency advisors.
If you’re still unsure about OnStar, the good news is that it comes free for the first year with the purchase of the majority of GM vehicles. Remember that your number one priority when you get into a vehicle is your safety which is why OnStar just makes sense.