What to do when the Police pull you Over

What to do when the Police pull you Over
You likely don’t begin your commute every morning with the fear of being pulled over, but it’s something that happens to nearly everyone at some point.
Here some tips on how to handle the situation:
Come to a stop as soon as safely possible

When an officer pulls you over, it’s your responsibility to come to a safe stop as soon as possible. In Ontario, the penalties for failing to pull over immediately are quite steep, with fines ranging anywhere from $1,000-10,000. If the officer is forced to chase you down, you could be facing a $25,000 penalty. Depending on the situation, jail time is also a possibility.
Turn off the engine and keep your hands on the steering wheel
An officer is actually taking on a risk when they pull you over, since they don’t know who you are or what is in your vehicle. As a result, unruly or suspicious behaviour could have the officer view you as a threat.
Begin by putting your vehicle in park and turning off the engine, flicking on the interior lights if it’s dark out and rolling down your window. Make sure to keep your hands on the steering wheel, and ensure anyone in the car with you has their hands visible. Do not start rifling through your glovebox to search for documents.
Whatever you do, stay inside your vehicle unless the officer tells you to step out. Even if you don’t mean any harm by it – obey the officer’s instructions.
Provide proper documentation
You have an obligation as a driver to provide three separate documents when you get pulled over; your ownership, insurance and driver’s license.  Naturally, all must be valid.
Failure to provide the proper documentation could result in a fine. The officer could also detain you until you provide proper identification.
Be Polite
It’s not uncommon to be angry when you’re pulled over, particularly if you don’t feel it’s deserved. However, it’s better to be polite and calm than trying to start an argument that you ultimately won’t win. Treat the officer with respect.
If you’re presented a ticket and disagree with it, you can always fight it in court. Arguing with the police at the side of the road won’t do either party any good.
Finally, do not lie to the officer. If the officer catches you being dishonest you could be in deeper trouble and may also be hurting your chances if you go the court.
Happy travels!