All-Wheel Drive vs Winter Tires

All-Wheel Drive vs Winter Tires
Many owners of vehicles with all-wheel drive refrain from purchasing winter tires in the colder months because they believe AWD is safe enough. Read below to determine what does a better job of keeping you safer, and whether you need winter tires if you already have AWD.
All-wheel drive is designed to help improve the traction of your vehicle when you are accelerating. However, it does not give you a better grip when you are stopping or trying to turn. Considering these are typically the situations that get you into trouble in the winter, all-wheel drive will not help you much in slippery conditions.
On the other hand, winter tires are easier to control and help you to stop and turn with more ease in poor weather conditions. Although they are an added cost, it is completely worth it when you consider how many people lose their lives every winter because they don’t have the proper safety equipment.
Therefore, do not make the mistake of believing you are fine in the winter if your vehicle has all-wheel drive. You are much safer with winter tires, and may end up saving the life of yourself or others by ensuring you get a set.