When You Should Use Your Air Conditioning

When you should use your air conditioning
Many people wonder whether turning on your air conditioning will actually save you money compared to driving with your window down. The answer is that both can be better than the other in certain situations. However, keeping the windows up and the a/c on will be the better option the majority of the time.
You should always roll your windows up when you’re on the highway. When travelling over 80 km/hour your fuel efficiency decreases no matter what cooling method you’re using. However, it is not nearly as bad when you have your air conditioning on compared to having the windows down.
When driving around town, you should turn the air conditioning off. Driving at a slower speed means there’s less drag so the fuel efficiency will be much better compared to driving on a highway. In addition, your engine uses less power at slow speeds, so it would have to work a lot harder to power the air conditioning.
Considering the majority of the average person’s driving is done at faster speeds, you should be using your air conditioning most of the time. However, it is recommended that you roll down the windows when you’re driving slowly to help increase fuel efficiency.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger