Why Brake Assist is Important

Why Brake Assist is Important
Many crashes have been avoided over the years thanks to brake assist, a type of technology that allows your vehicle to stop if you fail to react in time. Brake assist has electronic sensors that can help if you’re headed for a crash, and kick in quicker than you can react yourself.
Studies have shown that brake assist helps prevent thousands of crashes every year, making it a worthwhile purchase. Brake assist is so effective because it monitors your normal driving patterns, so it knows if it needs to kick in if you’re not paying attention to the road ahead.
Brake assist has become so effective in preventing accidents, that it’s now mandatory for vehicles in Europe. With 3,000 deaths each year caused because the driver couldn’t stop in time, brake assist may become mandatory in North America soon.
If you’re tired or preoccupied, chances are you aren’t giving your full attention to the road ahead and your chances of getting into an accident are increased. While brake assist doesn’t guarantee you’ll be safe, it does help prevent crashes and makes you more secure behind the wheel.