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Buying a car
Why Buying a car now is a good idea – With improved technology and safety features along with low rates and reasonable prices, 2012 is the right time to buy a new vehicle.
The technology in cars has improved mightily over the last decade and has made driving safer as a result. Vehicles now have systems with voice-activated controls, better steering and braking, satellite navigation and side air bags. Your safety should be the number one thing you care about when you step into a vehicle so it doesn’t make sense to own a car that can increase your risk of getting into an accident.
Not only are cars safer but interest rates in 2012 have been very low. Car loans will not stay this cheap forever, so you should consider buying a new vehicle before they go back up. Not only can you get a car now at a very affordable price, but there are many other benefits to purchasing a new vehicle. First, your car will be problem free and you won’t have to worry about fixing it up all the time. Second, you will get a full warranty which can last you the lifetime of your vehicle. Finally, cars have much better fuel economy then they did 15 years ago, so you could be saving over $500 a year on gas.
Clearly, there are many advantages to buying a new car in 2012 which is why you should strongly consider purchasing one before prices start to go up.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger