Why You Shouldn’t Top Off Your Gas Tank

Why You Shouldn’t Top Off Your Gas Tank
One simple way to help the environment and save some money at the pump is to avoid topping off your gas tank. Although it’s a very simple thing to remember, many people either forget to do it or just don’t realize the benefits. Read ahead to learn why it’s so important.
A big advantage of not topping off is to help your vehicle’s fuel economy. Since your tank needs room for the gas to expand, it will evaporate into the vapor-collection system of your vehicle if it’s overcrowded, causing it to run less efficiently.
If you consistently overfill your gas tank, you will end up paying more for your fuel. After you hear the gas pump click, any gasoline that continues to come out after that is being left in the hose and will be given to the next customer.
Finally, by not topping off you will be benefiting the environment. Overfilling can cause the gas to spill, polluting the surrounding area. Spilled gas is not only toxic, but also highly flammable so make sure you remember not to top off the next time you’re at the pump.