Why you need iOnRoad

No matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to stay fully concentrated on the road throughout the entirety of your drive. While it’s important to minimize distracted driving, it’s difficult to free yourself of it altogether.
Fortunately, there is an app designed to assist you in keeping safe if your attention has been diverted.
What is iOnRoad
What is iOnRoad?
iOnRoad is a mobile safety application designed to warn you of potential collisions when you’re driving. Using you smartphone’s camera, iOnRoad is able to detect the surrounding traffic, and alert you if it begins to sense danger ahead.
Types of Warnings
Forward Collision:  Sometimes, vehicles are much closer than they appear, particularly when the weather is not optimal. iOnRoad can alert you if you get too close to the vehicle ahead so you can adjust your speed accordingly.
Headway Monitoring:  iOnRoad constantly tracks the speed of both your car and the surrounding traffic to ensure there’s an comfortable distance between each vehicle.
Lane Departure:  iOnRoad can notify you if you’re departing from your lane at a speed greater than 60 km/h. Considering the severity of a highway collision, this alert could be the difference between a safe commute and serious injury.
Avoid Speeding Tickets
If you’re distracted miss a change in the speed limit. iOnRoad can notify you if you forget, helping you become a safer driver, and avoid speeding tickets. However, you will need to download the “Pro” version to enjoy this benefit.
Runs in the background
One of the best things about iOnRoad is that it runs congruently with other apps on your device. You can listen to music, make phone calls, sync it to your maps or GPS or connect it with other cool auto apps like “Waze” or “MyCar Locator”. iOnRoad never stops running, so you can concentrate on driving instead of constantly checking the app.
While iOnRoad is a useful tool, it should not discourage you from giving your full attention to the road ahead. You should still drive with a high degree of caution, using iOnRoad solely as a backup plan.
Other apps you may be interested in
iOnRoad is a great tool, but it’s not the only safety application available.” is an app designed to avoid texting and driving. Instead of checking your phone every few minutes, this application will read your texts and emails to you out loud, allowing you to keep in touch with your friends and family hands-free.
You may also want to consider downloading “Safe Driver”. This application tracks your driving habits after a number of trips, assessing your overall driving performance based on speed, acceleration, braking and phone usage.
How Do I Download?
iOnRoad is available across various smartphone platforms. Check out your phone’s app store to download today.