Why You Should Never Buy Used Tires | Car Tips

Never Buy Used Tires
Although they may appear to be an attractive purchase considering they are a fraction of the price of new ones, you should avoid buying used tires, no matter how safe they may appear. Used tires are ultimately too risky, and the lower price is certainly not worth the danger that comes with driving with them.

 Should I buy used tires?

Even if you consider yourself a safe driver or one that never travels at a fast speed, used tires are dangerous at all speeds so don’t make that mistake.
Many people will look at used tires and will assume they are ok to drive on because they look brand new. However, there could very well be hidden damage from the previous vehicle or they could’ve aged beyond their useful life from sitting around too long.
Finally, you really don’t know how thorough of an inspection the retailer has done before listing the tires. While it is assumed that they would check for cuts or bulges, you don’t know for sure, which is why you should always purchase new. Nothing is more important than your own safety, so make sure you don’t just purchase tires to save a couple bucks.