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Winter Car Storage Tips
If you’re planning on keeping your prized car in storage during the winter months, here are some tips to help extend the life of the vehicle and have it looking good as new when you roll it out in the spring.
First, make sure to do basic maintenance tasks before you store your vehicle. Things such as cleaning the filters, changing fluids and getting an oil change will ensure your car is ready to go when the weather heats up.
Leave your windows down a crack to allow air to move in and out of your vehicle freely. If you have a convertible, leave the top up, but still crack the windows open.
Wash and wax your vehicle before putting it away so dirt and debris doesn’t seep into the paint over the winter months. If it stays there long enough, it may not come out when you try washing it in the spring.
Finally, remember to fill up your tank with gas before you park it in your garage. This will make sure the water doesn’t start to condensate while it sits there. Also, you can put gas stabilizer into it as well as this will help prevent condensation.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger