Winter Driving | Car Tips

Winter Driving


Even Jon Snow knows winter is coming!  And so is the winter commute.


After a good nights sleep in a warm cozy bed we wake up, eat breakfast, put on our boots, jackets and head out into a winter wonderland. Not wonderland-y when we need to do battle on snowy, slippery roads and highways!


Are you ready for it? Slow and easy is the trick when the roads get bad. Leave a little earlier than usual and you won’t find yourself rushing to get to work on time. That extra time will eliminate stress and increase your chances of a safe arrival.


Is your current vehicle going to make it through the winter? We have people telling us all the time that they plan to stretch their current vehicle out till Spring, only to have them come back halfway through the winter season scrambling for a more reliable source of transportation.  I mean how awesome is it sitting in a broken down vehicle at any time let alone the middle of a freezing cold winter day?!


Maybe changing your vehicle before the snow starts to fly makes more sense. Do it now and avoid having to look for a boost, wait for a tow truck or scramble to replace your vehicle when time won’t allow for it.


Take it easy out there and be patient.  Have a safe winter!