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Winter Driving Advice
With winter driving season just around the corner, here’s a guide to help keep you safe and secure behind the wheel during the winter months.
Clearly the biggest thing you can do to help reduce the risk of an accident in the winter is to get snow tires. All-season tires simply aren’t safe enough for Canadian winters, as they sometimes do not offer the grip necessary to stop your vehicle when it’s wet and slippery out.
Although you may be in a rush, nothing is more important than your safety and everyone else’s in the vehicle. Make sure to drive slower and smoother in the winter, and to avoid any sharp turns or to brake quickly.
Take the time to remove all snow and ice off your vehicle before you begin to drive. This includes removing the snow off the roof of your vehicle. Not only will you have optimal visibility, but you also won’t be surprised by clumps of snow falling of your vehicle.
Finally, don’t think just because you have AWD that you’re safe. This does not mean you can drive recklessly, as no vehicle is 100% safe. Pay attention and drive carefully.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger