Winter Driving with Children

Winter Driving with Children
More accidents occur when the weather is snowy and icy out, making it less safe for you and your family. Therefore, it’s important that you aware of the dangers of winter driving so you can keep your children safe when you’re behind the wheel.
Make sure you do not have your child wearing a bulky snowsuit when you put them into their car seat. If their coat is too big, it can prevent the car seat from doing its job in the event of a collision. To keep your child warm, you can put a blanket over them once they are safely in their seat.
Another tip is to always check your tailpipe before you begin your trip. Your children may stick snow or other objects in the tailpipe when you’re not looking. This will avoid exposing everyone to carbon monoxide.
Finally, make sure to be extra careful in residential areas. Kids making be hiding in forts, tobogganing or running around having a snowball fight. Since they can be so unpredictable, it’s important that you drive extra slowly, especially since you won’t be able to stop as fast if the roads are bad.