Winter Safety Tips

You might have noticed the first snow fall I just had, forcing you to dig out the scraper. As you adjust to the coming chill, give a thought to your ride, and check out these tips that will keep your car rolling smoothly through winter challenges.
I’m assuming you’ve covered the basics (such as the scraper!) and are up-to-date on your car’s regular scheduled service. Don’t postpone that – an annoyance in summer can be a hazard that strands you in the winter.

  • Don’t make compost in your car
  • As you tackle fall’s bounty on your lawn, leave some energy for removing the leaves that find their way into your vehicle.
  • Leaves, twigs and other organic matter can cause havoc with gutters on your house – and the equivalent on your car. When debris builds up in areas of your car where water is supposed to flow out, you can get leaks or corrosion.
  • The air vent near the windshield is a classic spot where this can happen.
  • If you have a sunroof, open it up and poke around in there, too. Sunroofs have drains that flow water that sneaks past the seals down to the ground. Leaf gunk in there can make for It headliners or worse.
  • Less common, but more problematic: Animals may make nests under the hood You may need a mechanic and an animal trapper to fully solve this problem