Why Winter Tires are so Effective

Why Winter Tires Are Effective
Many people put winter tires on their vehicle every year without actually knowing what makes them a much safer alternative. Read ahead to learn why they do such a great job of preventing you from slipping and skidding.

 What makes winter tires work so well?

One trait that makes winter tires a superior option is their soft rubber. When temperatures dip below zero, these tires are still able to handle the cold temperature and are able to grip the road ahead. All-season tires on the other hand, get too hard when it’s cold and fail to provide proper traction.
Another attribute of winter tires that make them a safer option is that they have a different tread pattern than all-season tires. This allows them to move through snow much easier because they are made to dig into the snow more.
These two factors mean that winter tires have an easier time gripping the snow. When the weather is poor out, this can make the difference between stopping at a light and sliding into oncoming traffic.
If you have not already made the switch to snow tires this winter, it is strongly recommended that you do so. It could mean the difference between staying safe and getting into an accident.