Women in Automotive History

Alice Huyler Ramsey photo
It’s no surprising fact that the automotive world is one that is generally geared towards to the male population. Thus it’s important to recognize the women who made an impact throughout history and have paved the roads for women in the auto world today and the future.
First off kudos to Cadillac and Chevrolet who in the ‘20s and ‘30s noticed the growing trend of women taking the driver seat and started making ad campaigns featuring women as drivers not passengers. Props to you!
Helene Rother photo
Next we have Helene Rother whom in the 1940’s shook things up when she became the first female auto designer and started designing for General Motors. You go girl!
In 1977, Shirley Muldowney became the first woman to win the Winston World Championship, she also became the first woman to be named to the 10-member all-American auto racing team. A few years later Muldowney won the Wintson World Championship for a second and a third time, making her the first person (not women but PERSON) to win the championship three times. Muldowney was also the first female drag racer to exceed 250 mph. This speedy lady gave the boys club a run for their money!
Shirley Muldowney photo
Now these ladies were not the first to enter the automotive world. In 1909 Alice Huyler Ramsey set out on an adventure of a lifetime. Ramsey went on a not so casual 5,767 KM road trip from New York to California, granting her the first female to be inducted into the Automitive Hall of Fame in 2000. Through out her journey Ramsey went through 11 sets of tires and countless mechanical repairs, and 59 days later she celebrated her accomplishment. Oh did I mention that only 4% of her drive was paved? Seriously talk about a bumpy ride!
Over all these ladies proved that the auto industry is a world where both men and women work together to create innovation and progress!